Moving tip – Color Coding

picsay-1300150254When people choose to pack on their own instead of having the moving company do it for them, most use common sense and label the box with a content description and the room the contents belong in.  This helps keep things organized when it is time to unload and it speeds up the process.  Todays tip takes labeling one step further.
Color code boxes according to how often you use the items and how soon you will actually need the contents of the box in your new home.  Use tape or sticky notes of different colors.  One for stuff you might need in the first day, a second for stuff you will need in the first week, a third for stuff that you probably won’t need for quite some time.  That way when the cable guy comes the next day and it comes time to pay him you don’t have to dig through every box labeled “office” to find you checkbook, you know it is in the “office” box with the green tape.

The other, and probably more beneficial result of prioritizing boxes is that it breaks up the monumental task of unpacking into smaller, more manageable blocks.  You don’t feel the urgency of getting everything unpacked in a day or even two because you know which boxes you can leave until the end.

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