Placement and Installation

Do you need help unpacking your belongings when you reach your new home or office? Unpacking can be very tedious, especially when there is a lot to be done. If this is not enough, you also have to worry about placement and installation. If you are looking for assistance, speak to our staff at Wasatch Transfer. We are one of the best moving companies in Utah and we also undertake placement and installation.


 Why engage placement and installation services?

When you move to a new place, you might not know many people there. You may either have to ask strangers for help or you can unpack your belongings yourself. A lot of time will go into unpacking, placement, and installation, which you could have spent on other useful activities. There is also a danger of asking unknown people to help you. As moving and storage companies will tell you, this is not a good idea.

Another alternative is to ask moving services for assistance. Our trained and experienced movers will place your furniture and carry cartons into your kitchen, basement, bedroom, and garages as marked. They will even unroll your rugs and reassemble your bed among other.

 When is it a good time to ask our moving and storage company to help you?


  • If you have a tight work schedule, you may not find the time to unpack, let alone place or install your belongings.
  • You are a parent and you are not able to handle your kids and find the time to unpack at the same time.
  • You packed everything yourself before it was moved out and now you do not feel up to the task.


Contact us to learn more about our placement and installation service

We are one of few moving companies in Salt Lake City and Park City to offer this service. Our movers will not only place and install your belongings, but they will also remove any packing material after they are finished. To learn more about our placement and installation services, you can contact us at 801 599 3953.