Things to Do When You Move into Your New Home.

Finally made an investment after checking several homes for sale? It is natural to feel excited, anxious and nostalgic when you move from one place of living to another. But you need to stay organized to set up the new abode and get back into the usual stream of life. Here are some things that will help you accomplish the task of moving in more efficiently:

Pest proof the house: This is the first activity to perform before you bring your children, your pets, and your personal stuff into the house. Call an exterminator to fumigate the place and take other necessary steps to ensure that you don’t have to share your home with spiders, termites, white ants and other insects.

Deep cleanse for fresh start: You may be moving in a newly constructed house or a resale unit, it is advisable to wipe everything – the floors, the closets, the kitchen counter tops – spotlessly clean before you place furnishings over them.

Visit the local market: Once you’re settled in the new house, you will frequently be shopping from the stores nearest to it. So it will be good to pay a quick visit and buy essential supplies. You will not have much time to cook while you’re setting up the rooms – stock up the fridge with things that are more convenient to prepare and eat.

Put up window treatments: in a house, windows are your openings to the outer world. For good ventilation, they need to let in plenty of fresh air, but you must also install net mesh screens that prevent entry of mosquitoes. The sliding glass on windows is good space savers, and colorful curtains add the final touch for privacy and aesthetics.

Start with the essentials and get organized as you unpack: If you have professional movers to unpack your boxes, the task will be naturally simpler. But when you are doing everything on your own, begin by unpacking what is essentially needed at first. These include bed linen, toiletries, towels, cooking utensils, and groceries. Don’t forget to set your fur baby’s little home with all her/his favorite belongings.

Make the beds: It will take a week or two to set up the basics. Customization and decoration will come up later. But with all this extra work of organizing the home, you also need adequate rest at the end of each day. So make sure that the beds are in place and make them cozy as per the ongoing season.

There are more things to do – for instance changing your address details in insurance policies, on a passport, on bank records, for voter registration and other official purposes. These, however, should be initiated a few days before you move into the new home as some updating work can take time. Meet your new neighbors, get acquainted with the new surroundings and enjoy the feel of staying in a home that you found after so many efforts.

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