The Stress of moving a business by yourself.

Moving a company to a new location is at often times a prudent idea. It is particularly of business efficacy to move to a new location when the business has grown and the current space is too small and generally not the best for the new stature, or simply because the current location is not all that profitable. But, did you know how hectic it is to move by yourself?

First, you need to pack volumes of items just by yourself. It is even more stressful packing the company’s furniture and glassware items. Most often, you will end up with broken drawers and broken glasses. Packing of the delicate items such as furniture, glassware, and trophies requires wrapping in specially designed packing bags that are designed to cushion the items from breakages. Even when you decide to purchase the packing bags, you are likely to end up with so many packing bags or broken items because you lack the skill and experience to pack large and delicate items. Packing of the company’s big files and folders is equally stressful as they should not be folded but at the same time must not take up much space.

Secondly, items such as furniture are very heavy to lift and move. If not very careful, you might injure yourself. Particularly, you risk suffering a strained back because you are not professionally trained to lift heavy objects.

Electronic items pose another great challenge during moving. A professional must do disconnection of computers and the company’s machines. If you decide to do the disconnection by yourself, you risk getting electric shocks. In addition, electronics need to be professionally wrapped to protect them from damage.

The importance of a moving insurance cannot be overemphasized. Moving insurance compensates for damages and losses that might be incurred during transit. Utah ‘s insurance market is wide with some insurance companies providing insurance policies that cover for full compensation while others cover up to a certain value. Moving by you places the obligation of insurance solely on your shoulders. Moreover, you are likely to end up with a poor policy because you lack the knowledge of insurance. Worse still, you may find yourself with a fraudulent insurance policy. The claim for compensation is likely to fail where there has been an error in material facts. This is so because moving insurance policies are limited to space and weight. You may, therefore, fail to claim compensation because you stated these facts incorrectly although unknowingly.

In addition moving by yourself is time- consuming. The packing, loading and unloading procedures will undoubtedly take some days. This will waste your working time and even cause more losses. Moving a company must particularly take the shortest time possible to ensure the company gets back to work within the shortest time.

Furthermore, the packed items need to be transported by the right truck that is designed for moving. Most often when you move by yourself you will use your car or borrow a friend’s car that undoubtedly lacks in this special technology.

Finally, even when the company’s assets are at the new location, you have to unpack by yourself and move them in. More so, moving items from the ground to the upper floors is undoubtedly something you wouldn’t wish for. As you can correctly imagine, once the moving process is done, you will have some injuries, damaged items or too tired to work both in the physical and mental sense

You certainly need not go through this stressful process when moving the company. Utah offers some of the best professional moving companies that will ensure your items are professionally handled and reach your new location at the agreed time.

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