There are few things that make people happier than turning their unwanted clutter to cash. There are several ways for doing this including setting up auctions on eBay, utilizing newspaper classifieds and selling on Craigslist. However, the most effective way is the good, old-fashioned yardsale especially when you have several small things to sell.

Even though the art of yardsale might seem pretty straightforward, simple alterations in pricing, display and timing can make the whole difference between a full-on flop and a successful sale. Having a yardsale takes work and it can be frustrating in case you don’t know what you are doing. To streamline the process and avoid any headaches, you should follow a plan from start to the end. A well-planned yardsale often means a more successful project, which means more cash in your pocket at the end of the day.  Below are tips to having a successful yardsale. Follow these tried-and-true yardsale tips and you might just strike gold.


1. Pick a Date

The first step is to choose the date and time for your yardsale.  Most people go with Friday and Saturday mornings. Nevertheless, you can add Thursday and Sunday to a multi-day sale in case your schedule allows. You will get a large crowd if you begin early because people will not have to interrupt their daily schedule to attend your yardsale. Furthermore, it’s likely to be cooler which is a very important consideration especially during the heat of summer.

2. Gather Your Goods

Yardsales offer a good way to downsize and declutter your house. Grab a box and then go through each and every room. Pick up anything that you don’t want or ones that you haven’t used in months and then toss it in. Do not forget closets, attics, garages and basements as these are generally treasure troves for yardsale finds. Also, don’t underestimate the value of
anything that you find. People will buy anything ranging from old CDs to the unwanted
bottles of perfume. After all, the worst case scenario is when something doesn’t sell.

3. Check on Permits

Many cities currently require that you get a permit to run a yardsale. Check with the clerk at your town or city hall to find out if you actually require one. Don’t try to running a yardsale without it or you might end up getting fined or shut down.


1. Create a Newspaper Ad

In case you want to drive a lot of traffic to your yardsale, then fork up the cash to pay for an advertisement in your local newspaper. However, before you write the ad, find out the amount of space that you’ll get for the price you are willing to pay. If you choose to go over, you will end up paying per word which might get very expensive. Keep your advert short and pointed. Also,
ensure that you list your biggest ticket items first. The most popular yardsale items include kids toys, collectibles and furniture. Do not forget to include your home address along with the dates and time your yardsale will run.

2. Advertise Online

There are many websites that you can use to advertise your yardsale for free. Just post an ad on as many websites as you want. Always aim for a minimum of three. For example, you can use:

  • Garage Sale Hunter
  • Craigslist
  • Yard Hopper
  • Yard Sale Search
  • Garage Sale Source

You will have more wiggle room within the text of online ads since most sites offer a generous word count. You should feel free to describe all your items in detail. However, avoid sounding like marketing imaginations work out how great it is. Also, do not post your advert too early. If you are holding your yardsale on Friday, then it should go up Wednesday at night or Thursday
in the afternoon.

It’s also a good idea to utilize most free social media marketing websites to get the word out within your local area.

3. Make Yardsale Signs

Check the laws that apply in your region before making the yard sale signs since some places might have banned them. A clerk at the local police station can tell you what to do. If you’re allowed to make the signs, then a Sharpie and a brightly colored poster board is all that you really need. Ensure that your sign says “Yard Sale” large enough for most people to see it
as they drive by. Also, include your address or even an arrow pointing to your house.


1. Get Supplies

Make sure that you have everything you require at least one day before the yardsale starts. You will need a few chairs to sit on, tables or other flat surfaces to take payments and also provide change. Also, you need plenty of areas for displaying your goods. Don’t waste your money on buying or renting tables. You can always find enough surfaces that suit your needs.

2. Do Not Forget the Change

Odds are that you will have to make 19.95 dollars in change for your first client. Make sure that you have 5’s, 1’s and at least 20 dollars in quarters. You can always get them from the bank. However, you will have to
get inside a branch so as to do it.

3. Sort Your Items

Sort your items before your price. It is the easiest way to keep the yardsale organized and make it easy the on potential buyers. Also, dedicate a room inside your house to yard sale planning and then divide your items by category like clothes, books, kids toys and home goods.

4. Price Your Items

It’s always best if you price all your items individually instead of grouping them into boxes with a single price sign. As the yardsale progresses, customers will get these boxes mixed up and you’ll have a hard time to keep it organized. In order to price the items, just use a Sharpie and roll of manila tape which is far much cheaper than having to go out and buy fancy
price tags.

5. Organize and Arrange Your Yard Sale

Arrange all your tables and put the clothes on the hangers the night before the yardsale. Regardless of what you tell yourself, you will not have adequate time to do it in the morning. Arrange everything that you want to sell the night before and then store it in the garage for safety. Map out where all things will be placed so as to make the morning setup as easy as
possible. You should also keep it in an organized and logical fashion for


1. Get Ready

Give yourself a minimum of one hour before the yardsale starts to set out everything and put up signs. Ensure that you have your change in a very safe place then find a comfortable and shaded area to sit.

2. Work the Crowd

In an ideal world, a yard sale would work just like the Target. People will come in, grab whatever they wanted, pay and then leave.  Unfortunately, people see yard sales as a type of interactive shopping experience. They are going to ask several questions, they are going to haggle and they are also going to pick up almost everything, especially if it is breakable. You will do better if you do not act pushy. Just remain seated, shout out a friendly hello tune whenever people walk up and let the customers come to you.

3. Deal with the Leftovers

You are going to have some leftover stuff. You can decide to put it on the curb with the free sign. However, that will not get you any more cash. Instead, you should consider taking the leftovers to the Goodwill stores and save on the taxes. Make an itemized list of all things that you have with their original value. After you have dropped it at a donation center, ask for
the receipt. You should then file this away so as to use for tax deduction for the charitable donations on all your income taxes.

Final Word

Yardsales involve a lot of work, especially if you are not used to holding them. You will probably spend several hours pricing and organizing items, writing adverts and getting all your supplies. However, after it’s over, you will hopefully have some cash instead of the piles of stuff that you do not want, which makes it worthwhile.

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