The Proper Tools

One of the national hardware store chains has a TV ad campaign running right now that has caught my attention.  There are a number of versions of the commercial but they all have a running theme.  Some do-it-yourself home project goes horribly wrong and the unfortunate project doer ends up at the store buying the tool they should have been using all along.  The commercials all end with some version of the phrase reminding us that there is “a proper tool for every job.”

It is a simple idea that we have all probably learned on our own time and time again.  Trying to tighten the screw on our eyeglasses with a knife never quite gets it tight enough but if you find that ridiculously tiny screwdriver that you bought two years ago in the kitchen junk drawer it takes 2 seconds and your done. Using a paper clip to change a watch band on our own takes a half hour but the guy at the jewelry store can do it it 2 minutes with the proper tool.  You can chop a garlic bulb for 10 minutes to get the same result a garlic press gives you in seconds.

We count on a number of tools each day to help our jobs run smoothly from hand trucks and floor dollies to the furniture pads and tie down straps.  One of the many tools we rely on daily is Qwest’s business internet service.  Like a lot of companies I’m sure, we count on our internet for everything from scheduling employees, to inventory tracking, to communicating with customers.  With so many things are dependent on our internet service, speed and reliability are very important to us.  When we researched business internet providers, Qwest was the clear choice and our service has been nothing short of excellent from day one…it is the proper tool for the job.

I’m telling you all this because Qwest is helping me with my social media in exchange for my honest views on Qwest services. You can learn more at Qwest Small Business

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