Growing to Fit Our Customers Needs

One of our long term storage vaults being loaded

One of our long term storage vaults being loaded

Wasatch Transfer started out, as mentioned previously, as a Park City moving company.  As our customer base grew over the years, so did their needs.  We not only started expanding our relocation services to the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, we started offering new services.
We ran into a lot of customers that for one reason or another needed to store items for short or for long term.  They had sold their home but their new home wouldn’t be available for a couple of weeks. Sometimes renovations created the need to empty parts of the house but not the entire home.  Other times people were relocating to the area and building a new home that wouldn’t be ready for months or even years and needed to keep their furniture with us while they rented a home until their new home was ready.  From these needs, we expanded from a moving company to moving and storage.

We have offered full service storage for years now.  We will come pick it up or you can have it dropped off to us depending on your situation.  Either way, we will inventory every item, protect every item, and carefully pack it away until you need it.  Unlike self-storage units, our warehouse is heated in the winter and your items can be in our control from start to finish which translates into less stress for you.

Along the same line as growing to fit your customer’s needs, Qwest small business service has evolved with our company to offer new services to keep us and companies like us content and competitive in todays market.  What started out as a phone line and internet service with them has grown over the years.  As phone books become less and less relevant in today’s world, Qwesthas started to help us market our business online as well as a host of other services that we will get into in future posts.  All they ask in return is that we give our honest opinion of their services and help spread the word.

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