Moving Tip – START EARLY

We have been working as movers in the Park City and Salt Lake City areas for over 10 years now and we have seen just about everything.  As movers, we have seen people that are well prepared and organized and we have also seen quite the opposite.  One of the biggest factors to being prepared on moving day is to start planning early and get as much of the small stuff out of the way as possible.  This creates a much less stressful situation for you, the customer.

A couple things you can do weeks in advance –

  1. Fill out your change of address form – it usually takes a week or two to process so the sooner you get it done the less interruption you will have with your postal service
  2. Schedule your cable / satellite appointment – sure, you will have plenty of unpacking to do when you get to the new home but you are going to need to take a break now and then; besides, your provider may not have an appointment available if you wait until the last minute

These tips don’t have anything to do with your actual moving day but I assure you, the more of this type of stuff that you have done, the easier moving day will be.

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