Indispensable Moving Tips

Moving to a new house is not a simple feat. There is a lot that is at play, from saying good bye to your neighbors at the old house to settling in your new home. Then there is packing and transportation of stuff. But with a few well executed strategies, you can pull it off with little hassle. Below are enumerated key moving tips.

Start Packing Early 

It will be exhausting if you pack in one go. The best thing to do is to give yourself a daily box quota’ so that you don’t drain yourself packing things in one swoop. Start packing a week or so earlier before the day you’ll be moving.

Remember to keep the memories 

Moving from a house where you saw your children grow up with your children’s growth notches marked on the doorframe is tear-jerking. It is tear-jerking not just to you but to your children as well. Every family has items that mean more to them than others. It would be best to make sure you bring these sentimental items with you. If you must leave behind these items, invite your family to create a Pinterest board with things they’d love to do in the new home, such as: home decorating ideas, paint schemes, home improvement projects and much more. You may also take a video of the children talking at their favorite places of the house to preserve the memories.

Don’t use the cardboard boxes

Moving companies have sturdy boxes in which you can pack your stuff. The boxes can be delivered to your new home and the company would come to collect them when you have unpacked. In addition to being eco-friendly, these boxes keep your things safe unlike when they are packed in fragile cardboard boxes. That also saves you money.

Save on Packing Material

To save on bubble wrap, wrap the brittle things like glasses and dishes in clothing. This kills three birds with one stone as it saves you the trouble of having to get bubble wrap, while you pack kitchenware and clothes at the same time. The clothing provides cushion for the glasses and dishes against unexpected damage in case of shocks during the moving process.

Skip Packing your Closet

You can ask professional movers to bring along many wardrobe boxes on the d-day. The movers will take the clothing on the hangers and this will save you an extra trouble of having to iron after the move.

Picture life in your new house

It helps to achieve being meticulous if you can be able to picture life in your new house in advance- the décor, places to hang your art and arrangement of furniture, etc. Once you move your things over, start unpacking and arranging immediately before the excitement subsides and laziness and tiredness set in.

Plan ahead for Utilities Services

Call the utility companies and set up a service switch. This is important especially in case you are moving to a previously vacant or newly built house. It will also ensure you are not moving into a house with no utilities available. Living in the dark, with no water, is not a fun experience.

Plan ahead for Household Products

Stocking the toiletries and cleaning the new location before moving in can make the process easier.

Moving Electrical Items

Unless you are an electrician or at least you have some good knowledge on electronics, take a photo of how your electronics are connected (what wires goes where) so that you may remember when you’ll be setting them up in your new house.

Friends can help prepare

You may want to use the help of your friends when moving. If you have many friends, it can make the packing process much easier. After the moving company has finished moving items from one location to the next, your friends can be ready to go to re-arrange the items to your liking. While having friends help you move can be easy, paying a moving company would be in your best interest. Moving companies have insurance that help protect your investments and fragile items.

Keeping your pets safe

If the new home is within the same town or city, consider hiring a baby or pet sitter. You never know – you don’t want to lose track of your baby or pet.

Catalog your boxes

Numbering the boxes you have filled, and keeping a log can help you find items after the move.


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