Moving Tip – Moving With Children

Here at Wasatch Transfer we know that moving can be a stressful event for adults as well as young children. It can be especially rough on a child who has spent his or her young life in the same home and/or neighborhood. Because of this, we’ve decided to share a few quick tip we’ve learned over the years as Salt Lake City movers.


Answer Questions – Children are always full of questions. When you decide you are ready to move your family be sure to sit down with your kids to answer questions and address any concerns they may have.

Children’s Moving Books – These can be helpful preparing your kids for the move as well as make them more comfortable with it. Check out books like “The Moving Book: A Kid’s Survival Guide” or “The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day.”

Involve Children – Make your kids feel like they are an important part of your family’s moving team. Encourage them to pack a little suitcase or backpack of the things that are most important to them so that they have access to them during the move. Allow your children to pick their own rooms at the new home if possible.

Lead By Example – Children can tell when their parents are stressed out. Try to make moving fun for you and your kids. If you are calm, collected, and maintain a positive attitude they won’t feel like moving is such a bad thing.

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